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Developing Lifelong Leaders and Learners, Loving the Lord.



Kindergarten at ACA provides the perfect balance between Pre-K and grammar school.  Our Kindergarten students spend their days in an environment that is highly academic and yet developmentally appropriate for these young children.  They are learning to read, practicing their handwriting, building their math skills, and studying areas around the world.  All primary instruction and electives, including music, PE and library/geography, are provided during their days on campus.  Kindergarten students enjoy numerous special activities, including a "Thanksgiving Feast," a “Penguin Day,” and a field trip to Cabela’s. 


Throughout these years, parents continue to function as co-teachers for their students. Parents enjoy the opportunity to pour into their children, spending quality time investing in their children as learners.  Thoughout these years, parents work to cultivate their children's  independence as the workload increases.  Children grow in their academic knowledge with the help of songs, chants and rhymes that foster learning and memorization.  Knowledge increases and a love for learning deepens.  First- through fourth-grade students spend time focusing on character qualities that reflect the nature of Jesus.  They continue to have opportunities to participate in PE, music, and geography/library, and, additionally, Latin, allowing the students to explore passions beyond the primary subjects. 


Chapel at Alliance Christian Academy and Little Sprouts Preschool is a foundational thread of who we are as a family community and illustrates our desire to grow our students to be character witnesses for Christ in the coming generations.  We believe that, in partnership with our parents and families, we are able to not only lead students to Christ, but also develop a strong relationship with Him.

Grammar School Chapel is a character-based education program written and designed by ACA.  We worship together daily and provide intentional opportunities for our students to learn about God, who they are in Him, and how to serve Him.  These years are the beginning years of discipleship at ACA and are pivotal in the students' faith walk.  

The younger students, Kindergarten through second grade, hear an age-appropriate character lesson that begins by illustrating how Jesus exemplified the quality he is calling them to model.  Utilizing games, skits and fun activities that are rooted in God's Word and the stories of the Bible, we set the table for our young students to learn about the broad calling on their lives and to finally capture how the Word of God applies to them and their own individual stories.  Chapel ends with student-led prayer to begin to develop servant leadership in our students. 

Our third- and fourth-grade students find the same training as their younger peers; however, they begin to dig a little deeper and go beyond the traditional “Sunday School stories” to really put into perspective what God means and desires for them in their daily walk with Him.  Overall, we strive to continuously show the heart of Christ, encouraging a deep desire to find relationship with their Savior. 

In conjunction with Grammar School Chapel, we provide a monthly newsletter, which shares the current character focus and scripture memory verses and suggests activities for families to do together at home.