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Developing Lifelong Leaders and Learners, Loving the Lord.

Grammar School K-4

Our Grammar School partners with parents and students to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives through Christ-like character development, challenging academics and student activities.  The partnership affirms the parents’ role as the primary influence in their children’s lives.  Curriculum is taught from a biblical worldview to equip students to stand in their faith.  Grammar school students attend three days a week and receive primary instruction on campus.  Our academic foundation begins with excellent teachers who nurture and care for students.  Our instructional model includes hands on activities and learning that complements child’s natural development.  Our Grammar School students sing, chant and move in the classroom to memorize, review and practice concepts. Parents walk alongside teachers by overseeing assignments completed at home on “satellite” campus days. Dedication from parents is a necessity to continue the teaching and learning process on the satellite campus days.  One of the great benefits to our model is the 1-1 ratio students have while in the satellite campus.  Parents must be willing to commit the time needed to direct, mentor and actively engage with their students during their time in the “satellite” campus.

  • Foundation
  • Hands-on
  • Benefit of 1-1
  • Begins with excellent teachers
  • Needs dedicated parents continuing the teaching process
  • Learning that complements child's natural development (move, sing, chant, memorize)
  • Reviewing and practicing
  • Loved, nutured, cared for