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Developing Lifelong Leaders and Learners, Loving the Lord.
  Name Title Group Contact
Meagan Allinger Allinger, Meagan 4th Grade
Mike Andrews Andrews, Mike Facilities Maintenance
Kelly Angus Angus, Kelly Logic
Kristin Baker Baker, Kristin 3rd Grade
Andrea Brociek Brociek, Andrea Logic/Rhetoric
Heather Bundy Bundy, Heather Dean of Ministry and Student Affairs
Sarah Clinkscales Clinkscales, Sarah Logic/Rhetoric
Sarah Cummins Cummins, Sarah Logic/Rhetoric Teacher
Stacy Day Day, Stacy Librarian
Karen Drennan Drennan, Karen Logic/Rhetoric
Shellie Farmer Farmer, Shellie Library Assistant
Billy Joe Fletcher Fletcher, Billy Joe Rhetoric Teacher
Yanel Flores Flores, Yanel 4's Assistant 817-439-8425
Melissa Ford Ford, Melissa Kindergarten
Mandy Foster Foster, Mandy Dean of Finance
Jill Franklin Franklin, Jill Teacher
Bridget Hancock Hancock, Bridget Learning Lab/Fine Arts
Jackie Hardy Hardy, Jackie Communications Coordinator
Lori Hart Hart, Lori Rhetoric Teacher
Pam Hendley Hendley, Pam Kindergarten
Amanda Hernandez Hernandez, Amanda Little Sprouts Director
Jenny Holmes Holmes, Jenny Rhetoric Director/Teacher
Debra Holt Holt, Debra Pre-K Lead
Lindsay Hughes Hughes, Lindsay Logic/Rhetoric Teacher
Christy Jessup Jessup, Christy 1st Grade
Melissa Johnson Johnson, Melissa Fine Arts Coordinator
Caitlyn Jones Jones, Caitlyn Office Manager
Tami Koenig Koenig, Tami Learning Lab
Lauren Lambrecht Lambrecht, Lauren 3rd Grade
Jennifer Lechuga Lechuga, Jennifer Kindergarten
Gena Lester Lester, Gena College Advising
Aubrey Materne Materne, Aubrey 2's Lead
Kaity Materne Materne, Kaity Director Athletics/Spiritual Life
Julie Miller Miller, Julie 1st Grade
Margarita Miranda Miranda, Margarita Rhetoric
Spencer Morell Morell, Spencer Logic Director
Anna Kate Morgan Morgan, Anna Kate 2nd Grade
Bleu Morris Morris, Bleu 3's Lead
Monika Padden Padden, Monika 3's Assistant
Kelly Page Page, Kelly Logic Teacher
James Parish Parish, James Rhetoric Teacher
Nancy Parvin Parvin, Nancy Logic
Cinnamon Patterson Patterson, Cinnamon Logic Teacher
Susan Pupplo Pupplo, Susan 4th Grade
Jen Revuelta Revuelta, Jen 2's Assistant
Amy Robbins Robbins, Amy 2nd Grade
Holly Salerno Salerno, Holly Pre-K Assistant
Becky Sandfort Sandfort, Becky Logic/Rhetoric Teacher
Charity Schmidt Schmidt, Charity Academic Assistant
Hannah Scott Scott, Hannah Logic/Rhetoric Teacher
Tiffany Simpson Simpson, Tiffany Rhetoric Teacher
Melanie Snare Snare, Melanie Dean of Growth
Marguerite Snider Snider, Marguerite 4th Grade
Trey Thames Thames, Trey Logic/Rhetoric
Kate Titsworth Titsworth, Kate Registrar
Melinda Van Haaften Van Haaften, Melinda 4's Lead Teacher
Darla Wallace Wallace, Darla 3's Lead
Jan Wallace Wallace, Jan Kindergarten Teacher
Ally Wells Wells, Ally Logic/Rhetoric Teacher
Jan Whitfill Whitfill, Jan Dean of Business Affairs and Human Resources
Megan Widick Widick, Megan One's Teacher
Christy Wilson Wilson, Christy Dean of Academics
Saundra Wright Wright, Saundra Music Teacher
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