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Developing Lifelong Leaders and Learners, Loving the Lord.
  Name Title Group Contact
Mike Andrews Andrews, Mike Facilities Maintenance
Kelly Angus Angus, Kelly Logic Staff 2017-18 817-439-8425
Kristin Baker Baker, Kristin 3rd Grade
Andrea Brociek Brociek, Andrea Logic/Rhetoric Staff 2017-18
Heather Bundy Bundy, Heather Dean of Spiritual Development and Student Affairs Staff 2017-18
Sarah Clinkscales Clinkscales, Sarah Logic/Rhetoric Staff 2017-18
Time Clock Clock, Time
Stacy Day Day, Stacy Librarian Staff 2017-18
Karen Drennan Drennan, Karen Logic/Rhetoric Staff 2017-18
Shellie Farmer Farmer, Shellie Instructor Staff 2017-18
Yanel Flores Flores, Yanel 4's Assistant Staff 2017-18 817-439-8425
Melissa Ford Ford, Melissa Kindergarten Staff 2017-18 817-439-8425
Mandy Foster Foster, Mandy Dean of Finance Staff 2017-18
Jill Franklin Franklin, Jill Teacher Staff 2017-18
Bridget Hancock Hancock, Bridget Learning Lab/Fine Arts Staff 2017-18 817-439-8425
Jackie Hardy Hardy, Jackie Communications Coordinator
Pam Hendley Hendley, Pam Kindergarten Staff 2017-18
Amanda Hernandez Hernandez, Amanda
Jenny Holmes Holmes, Jenny Rhetoric Director/Teacher Staff 2017-18
Debra Holt Holt, Debra Director Staff 2017-18
Melissa Johnson Johnson, Melissa Art
Tami Koenig Koenig, Tami Office Manager Staff 2017-18
Jennifer Lechuga Lechuga, Jennifer Kindergarten Staff 2017-18
Gena Lester Lester, Gena College Advising Staff 2017-18
Jennifer Loudermilk Loudermilk, Jennifer 1st Grade Staff 2017-18 817-439-8425
Aubrey Materne Materne, Aubrey 2's Lead 817-439-8425
Kaity Materne Materne, Kaity Director Athletics/Spiritual Life Staff 2017-18
Julie Miller Miller, Julie 1st Grade Staff 2017-18 817-439-8425
Margarita Miranda Miranda, Margarita Rhetoric Staff 2017-18
Spencer Morell Morell, Spencer Logic Director Staff 2017-18
Monika Padden Padden, Monika 3's Assistant Staff 2017-18 817-439-8425
Kelly Page Page, Kelly Logic Teacher
Nancy Parvin Parvin, Nancy Logic Staff 2017-18
Susan Pupplo Pupplo, Susan 4th Grade Staff 2017-18
Amy Robbins Robbins, Amy 2nd Grade 817-439-8425
Holly Salerno Salerno, Holly 4's Assistant Staff 2017-18 817-439-8425
Becky Sandfort Sandfort, Becky Logic/Rhetoric Staff 2017-18
Charity Schmidt Schmidt, Charity Grammar Director-4th Grade Staff 2017-18
Hannah Scott Scott, Hannah Logic/Rhetoric Staff 2017-18
Tiffany Simpson Simpson, Tiffany 4's Lead
Melanie Snare Snare, Melanie Dean of Growth Staff 2017-18 817-439-8425
Marguerite Snider Snider, Marguerite COO -Snider home
Trey Thames Thames, Trey Logic/Rhetoric
Kate Titsworth Titsworth, Kate Registrar Staff 2017-18
Darla Wallace Wallace, Darla 3's Lead Staff 2017-18
Jan Wallace Wallace, Jan Kindergarten Teacher Staff 2017-18
Jan Whitfill Whitfill, Jan Dean of Business Affairs and Human Resources Staff 2017-18
Tracie Widick Widick, Tracie Director 1's & 2's Staff 2017-18 817-439-8425
Christy Wilson Wilson, Christy Dean of Academics Staff 2017-18 817-439-8425

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