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Developing Lifelong Leaders and Learners, Loving the Lord.

Little Sprouts Academics


Chapel at Alliance Christian Academy and Little Sprouts Preschool is a foundational thread of who we are as a family community and illustrates most fully our desire to grow our students to be character witnesses for Christ in the coming generations.  We believe that, in partnership with our parents and families, we are able to not only lead students to Christ but also develop a strong relationship with Him as they walk their path to learning who they are in Him, how they love Him, and where they are called to serve for Him.

Little Sprouts Chapel occurs weekly on campus and is a strong support to lessons and teachings happening both in the classroom and at home.  Our time together is filled with worship, games, skits and stories all centered around a character quality for the month.  The primary focus being to expose our youngest hearts to the power, love, and authority of our God.  We also provide opportunities for families at home to “dig deeper” with their children by providing a monthly newsletter which shares the character focus, scripture memory, and activities to do together as a family unit.


Little Sprouts focuses on oral lanuage skills as well as discriminating between auditory and visual stimuli. Children are provided the opportunity to develop memory skills as well as readiness in both reading and writing.


Using manipulatives and games, children are taught numerals and number concepts. Problem solving strategies, geometry and classification skills are introduced through everyday experiences.


Integrated into units of study, these subjects are built upon a child's natural curiosity and love of exploration. Character development is emphasized as children are introduced to the world and relating to others within.

Additional enrichment experiences in our preschool include hands-on science, Spanish, library, creative movement and author study (pre-K only).