Scripture Memory Celebration
Category: Website Calendar
Date: May 11, 2020

Description:  This is a time for our Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric students to come together in their Scripture Memory (SM) groups and celebrate their success of memorizing scripture throughout the school year. They will meet at lunch on this day and have been asked to prepare a small certificate, letter, etc. to praise their group members for their success. We are encouraging NO PARENT LUNCHES ON THIS DAY so that students may meet in their groups with their SM leaders for a last time of discipleship.


Time:  TBA

Campus Location:  MPR Building

Note:  Scripture Memory Small Group Leaders, please see email from Mrs. Bundy, ACA Dean of Spiritual Life and Student Affairs regarding instructions on what to have prepared for your Scripture Memory Small Group prior to the celebration.  Please contact Mrs. Bundy, regarding questions you may have about this student event.  

Where: 13105 Harmon Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76177, USA
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