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Thursday, March, 28
March 28, 2019

Description: TCAF stands for Texas Christian Artistic Fellowship. TCAF is an opportunity for our Fine Arts students  to compete in the following categories: music (choir), art, and drama. The competition builds character and self-esteem as well as fosters strong relationships among their peers/classmates.

Grade: Rhetoric (9th-12th)

Time: 12:30 PM 

Attire: Students are to wear Khaki bottoms and their navy logo polo (ACA or Knight). Girls are to preferably wear a Khaki skirt. Please adhere to the skirt length, which is no more than 4 inches from the middle of the kneecap. Also, if girls choose to wear Khaki pants and they are considered "skinny," please get approval from Fine Arts Instructors/Staff to ensure the pants fall within the standard for competition.

Other Important Notes: Students need to pack a lunch (please no lunches that require using a microwave). Students should return to school by 6 pm.

Please contact Alex Norris, Events and Fine Arts Coordinator regarding questions about the upcoming CSAF competition.