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Monday, April, 29
April 29, 2019

Click here for Grammar and Logic verse

Note:  Logic only has to know one verse for March and April.  The scripture memory verse is for both the months of March and April.

April 29, 2019 | 08:35 AM - 09:35 AM

Description: Prayer, Breakfast & Jesus (PB&J) is a prayer ministry of Little Sprouts and ACA. It's a time to come together each month to pray for our school, families, teachers, and staff. 

The mission of PB&J is to embody the commands of Philippians 4:6 in the development of intercessory prayer warriors, while also focusing on the teaching and the understanding of God's word. 

It promotes fellowship, faith and a commitment to praying fervently, thus establishing an effective front line defense for our school, staff, student body and parents.

Location: School Library 

For more information about PB&J, please click here.

Note:  This will be the last PB&J Corporate Prayer Time of the school year.  The meeting will be held at Jackie Hardy's home.  A separate email will be sent to the active PB&J prayer warriors regarding details on the last PB&J corporate prayer time (i.e. location information).