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Tuesday, May, 8
May 8, 2018


Important Info

  • DROP OFF – @ MPR on Monday, May 7th  from 8-10am, 1-2pm & 3:30-4:30pm
  • SALE - @ MPR on Tuesday, May 8th from 8-10am, 1-2pm & 3:15-5pm
  • CASH will be the only form of payment accepted
  • Due to limited space availability, we will not be able to hold items. Please bring appropriate amounts of cash, based on the number of students & items needed.
  • Items that may be included in the sale
  • ONLY LOGO’D LANDS’ END POLOS, khaki or denim bottoms, approved jumper dresses/skirts
  • ONLY Books or materials on the approved book list for the
     2018-19 school year.  Book lists will be sent out by May 1st for the upcoming 2018-19 school year
  • All items dropped off to be included in the sale must be tagged appropriately (see Tagging Instructions) & clothing items must be on hangers.
  • Items that do not sell must be picked up between 8:15 - 11am on Thursday, May 10th.  Any items not picked up will be donated.
  • Money from your sales will be available for you to pick up in the teachers’ lounge (in the house) on Thursday, May 10th  beginning at 8:15am until 9:30am  and from 2:30-3:30pm.

Helpful Tips

Suggested Pricing:

  • Books in like new condition may be sold at 50% off retail price.
  • Books in fair/used condition may be sold for 30% off retail price.
  • Clothing items are suggested at 25-35% of retail price, if in good condition (i.e. no holes, stains, etc)
  • Please use whole numbers when pricing.
  • Uniforms need to be good condition or we will not be able to sell these items. Please no holes, tears, stains or faded items.
  • Please securely attach a tag to each item you are selling. 
    • NOTE:  Recommend to print the tags on card stock paper.

If you are interested in helping either set up or work the book sale, please contact Amy VanZuiden at 817-845-337 or



  • Each item must be tagged using the tags provided (see attached).  We recommend that you print your tags on card stock.  Include on each tag the PRICE and your family code.  Tags should be attached to clothing using safety pins.


  • Your family code is your LAST NAME + the last 4 digits of your phone number.  Please print your name clearly as this will be how we will sort and distribute funds to each family.


  • The brand name of the item
  • Any fit information (Slim, plus, etc)
  • Gender specific info (Feminine fit, girls, boys, youth/adult, etc)
  • Style of the item (Short sleeve, skirt, etc)
  • Color of the item
  • Family code
  • This makes your item more likely to sell and easier to find the item for a missing tag, etc.
  • Attach tags using safety pins.  Do not use straight pins, staples, sticky notes, tape, stickers or strings to adhere tags to clothing.
  • Securely attach pants and skirts to hangers.